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Toyota Hotspot

Turn your Toyota into a WiFi hotspot and you’re really going places.

Everyone loves the internet, and these days it’s more important than ever to have a connection you can really rely on, especially when you’re on the move. Whether it’s for important business, keeping close to friends and family, or just enjoying online fun and games – new Toyota Hotspot is the perfect solution.

What is Toyota Hotspot?

Toyota Hotspot is a WiFi router that is installed out of sight in your vehicle’s glove box or centre console. Once its initial set-up is complete, it turns on automatically when you start the car, allowing up to five WiFi-enabled devices within the car to connect to the internet.

  • Entertainment on the go. Stream music, download movies, play online games… there are so many possibilities with Toyota Hotspot that long journeys will always be fun, even if you get stuck in that inevitable traffic jam!
  • Work travels with you. If you need to check emails or download work documents while you’re out on the road, Toyota Hotspot keeps you in touch with the world of business.
  • Take the internet further. This is true WiFi for your car – it’s faster and more reliable than the standard data connection on your mobile phone, and it enables you to get the most out of WiFi-only devices that don’t have a 3G connection too. Most devices aren’t designed for in-car conditions but Toyota Hotspot is optimised for travelling, even at speed.

Toyota Hotspot features

  • Easy to use. Connecting to the internet using Toyota Hotspot is no different to using WiFi anywhere else – just connect your device in the usual way.
  • Up to five devices. Even with a car full of passengers, everyone can connect using Toyota Hotspot as up to five devices can be connected.
  • Reliable connection. Toyota Hotspot is optimised for travelling conditions so you receive the strongest, most reliable internet signal possible in a car.
  • Dedicated data SIM card. You can use any data SIM card with Toyota Hotspot, giving you the freedom to choose the data deal that suits you best.
  • Powered by your car. Toyota Hotspot is powered by the car battery, so it won’t run out of power in mid-journey.
  • Safe and secure. Toyota Hotspot is installed out of sight, and because it’s Toyota approved, it has been fully tested to make sure it doesn’t interfere with other electrical systems.

Can I get Toyota Hotspot for my car?

Toyota Hotspot is available for all new generation Toyota vehicles, either as an option in new vehicles or installed in an existing new generation model.

To find out more about Toyota Hotspot, ask your nearest Toyota Authorised Dealer/Repairer.

Safety reminder

When driving your Toyota please ensure that you give the road your full attention at all times. When the vehicle is in motion, digital devices enabled by Toyota Hotspot should only be used by passengers. Drivers wishing to make use of a digital device should first park their vehicle safely.