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Toyota Dealer Rental

Car hire without the fuss: simple, convenient, and affordable rentals.
For every-day travel, business trips, and test-drives - Toyota Dealer Rental makes it easy to hire on your own terms. Create an account on the app, select a model, and collect from O'Callaghan Toyota Kanturk.

Need a car at short notice? You don’t need to look far to find premium, affordable, and eco-friendly Toyota’s.

Whether you want a van for moving day, a hybrid for a long-distance, or a test-drive for the latest model, Daily Rental helps you find the perfect Toyota to fit your needs.

Toyota Dealer Rental App

Dealer Rental is perfect for

• Try-before-you-buy: hire a new electric vehicle (EV) or hybrid for up to a month before committing to full purchase
• Repeat rentals: arrange recurring trips with local dealers at discounted rates
• Leisure: go further for less - hybrids & regenerative braking extend your range
• Loaners: secure a last-minute service or replacement vehicle

Beyond normal car rental

• No peak demand pricing: flat rates throughout holidays, up to 70% less than traditional rental companies
• On-demand delivery - from the dealership to your door
• Special discounts for repeat rentals and existing Toyota customers
• Manage everything in-app: seamless verification, sign-off, and vehicle survey - no paperwork needed
• Use Messages to get advice, purchase info, and tips direct from a friendly local dealer


Features include

• View available cars in your town or city via a live map
• Choose from Toyota’s full line-up; including plug-in hybrid, EV, and fuel cell vehicles not available anywhere else
• Swap vehicle: upgrade an existing booking to a premium model
• Wish list: organise repeat rentals and save special cars

Ready to start? Download the app from the App Store and Google Play

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Where is Toyota Dealer Rental available?

Toyota Dealer Rental is active nationwide in all 46 Toyota Dealerships in the Republic of Ireland, with more locations to follow.

What do I need to rent a car?

Hold a full driving licence and be aged 21 or over. Many international licences are accepted: check with Toyota Support for more details.

Who will I be renting from?

Cars are available from certified local Toyota dealers.

Where can I pick up my car?

You can collect at a dealership, a nearby location, or a place of your choosing by selecting On Demand Collection.

What is an extended test drive?

Drive to decide! With a changing industry and waves of new tech, test the car that fits your needs by hiring it for a week or more before purchase. Daily Rental lets you rent a Toyota for up to one month to see how it handles your daily commute, fuel needs, and whether or not you should stretch for optional extras.

Can I purchase a rental car?

Yes! New models can be purchased direct from dealers, or via Toyota’s dedicated approved used cars portal at